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Wexford Releases New Single "Moving On," Final Preview of Upcoming Album "Silent Key"

Rising from the heart of Sandusky, Ohio, Wexford is set to captivate listeners once again with their new single, "Moving On." This reflective and emotive track marks the final single release before the band’s highly anticipated full-length album, "Silent Key," slated for release in Summer 2024.

Blending the raw energy of alternative, punk, and post-hardcore, Wexford’s unique sound has been making waves in the music scene. "Moving On" continues this trend, offering a powerful exploration of change, resilience, and the complexities of moving forward after facing life's difficulties. The song invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys, finding strength and solace in overcoming adversity.

Wexford's lineup features Shawn Daley on bass, Jeff Vandebussche on drums, and the dual guitar and vocal talents of Andy Kohlmann and Dave Mueller. Together, they create a dynamic and heartfelt sound that resonates deeply with fans.

“‘Moving On’ is a deeply personal track for us,” says frontman Andy Kohlmann. “It’s about the struggles we all face and the resilience we find within ourselves to keep moving forward. We hope it inspires our listeners to reflect on their own experiences and find strength in the music.”

With "Silent Key" on the horizon, "Moving On" serves as a poignant and powerful preview of what’s to come. The upcoming album promises to deliver more of Wexford’s signature blend of intensity and introspection, solidifying their place in the alternative music landscape.

Stay tuned for the release of "Silent Key" this summer, and in the meantime, experience the emotional depth and raw power of "Moving On."


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