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Lunar Division is back with a brand-new studio release ''Phantom''

Lunar Division is a band with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between a wide variety of styles

This new studio work is immediately going to impress you because of the great quality of the production. The first song, “Your Lights,” is an immediate highlight, kicking off the record with a very anthemic drum pattern and a fat bass intro, followed by some palm-muted guitars and a distinctive vocal tone. The second song, “Rays,” immediately strikes with a brighter, melodic vibe that might remind you of legendary groups like The Pixies. Things get rowdier on the next number, “Get it Down,” which captures the edge of punk rock with its fast pace and relentless guitars.

By contrast, the song “Dead to Live” is a soothing ballad, which showcases the band’s incredibly diverse range of action. This is a quintessential power ballad, with fat, mid-tempo drums and big acoustic guitars, strumming and holding the rhythm down. The electric guitars ring open, allowing more ambiance to set in. “Lost” begins with a very memorable bass riff and a drum pattern that feels like a perfect introduction. The lead guitar is intriguing as well, giving almost a psychedelic rock vibe, before the riff and the tempo suddenly speed up, going for a punk vibe.

Overall, this album is going to make you happy if you enjoy authentic rock music. The

performances feel very genuine and electrifying, a nod to the chemistry within the band. The eight songs on this album are certainly going to be your cup of tea if you are a fan of artists such as Dead Rituals, Nirvana, American Hi-Fi or WAVVES, only to name a few.



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