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Psychedelic Stoner/Doom band Greengoat Releases New Album "AI"

Psychedelic Stoner/Doom band Greengoat is thrilled to release their highly anticipated new album, AI. "AI" is a musical journey through the intricate relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence, embodying the raw emotions and profound reflections of the band.

AI is not just an album; it's an exploration of consciousness and control, dreams and dilemmas. The narrative begins with the haunting notes of "Void," progresses through the birth of AI in "The Seed," and reaches a pivotal encounter in the title track "AI." The journey continues with "Human," where the creator asserts control, leading to the existential struggle in "Awake," and culminates in the powerful and contemplative tracks "Naraka I" and "Naraka II," concluding with the cathartic "Burn the End."

To celebrate this announcement, Greengoat is excited to release "Naraka I" as a special preview. This track delves into the theme of the inner beast and its raw power, encapsulating the band's signature blend of heavy fuzz, distortion, and harmonic depth.

Greengoat, formed in Madrid in 2021, has evolved into a dynamic duo with guitarist/vocalist Ivan Flores (Dsgarre, Magnus Ficus) and drummer Ruth "Kalypso" Moya (Suevicha, Dashara, Magnus Ficus). Their sound is a rich tapestry of distortion and rhythmic progressions, seamlessly integrating immersive sequences and dreamlike landscapes. Influences range from the heavy riffs of Clutch and Black Sabbath to the experimental depths of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.


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