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Progressive instrumental music band The MC2 Project release new album "CHASIN RAINBOW"

The MC2 Project, an innovative progressive instrumental music duo from Denver, Colorado, has unveiled their second album, "CHASIN RAINBOW." Formed in 2021 by pianist Larisa Gorodinski and guitarist/producer Anthony A-man, The MC2 Project continues to push the boundaries of instrumental music with their unique compositions and collaborative spirit.

"CHASIN RAINBOW" features eight original tracks, all co-written by Larisa and Anthony, showcasing their exceptional synergy and musical craftsmanship. The album also includes contributions from talented musicians Alex Bityutskih on drums and bassists Andy West (#02) and Michael Olson (all tracks except #02), adding depth and richness to the project’s sound.

Although The MC2 Project remains a studio project for now, their music's impact is undeniable, capturing the imagination of listeners with intricate melodies and dynamic arrangements. Following the success of their debut album, "CHASIN RAINBOW" solidifies their place in the progressive instrumental music scene and sets the stage for their upcoming third album, which has just been completed.


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