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Post-hardcore heavy hitters FieldHockey Releases Electrifying New Single "Ecdysis"

Post-hardcore heavy hitters FieldHockey are thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, "Ecdysis." This explosive track showcases the band's signature blend of alt-metal sensibility and raw pop-punk energy, promising to captivate audiences with its dynamic composition and powerful performance.

"Ecdysis" kicks off with an upbeat, high-energy verse that instantly hooks listeners. The song transitions seamlessly into an earworm-level chorus, guaranteed to stay in your head long after the music stops. A soaring, ethereal bridge elevates the track, leading into an earth-moving breakdown that perfectly encapsulates FieldHockey's unique sound.

The band, consisting of Enon on vocals, Jake Hixson and Lewis Avakian on guitars, Justin on bass, and Bradley on drums, brings an exceptional level of musicianship and passion to "Ecdysis." Their ability to fuse genres and create anthemic, high-energy music sets them apart in the post-hardcore scene.


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