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Melbourne's heavy rock band, Groove Vultures unleash bebut self-titled EP

Melbourne's grooviest heavy rock band, Groove Vultures, is thrilled to announce the release of their debut self-titled EP, "Groove Vultures." This electrifying collection of tracks showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy rock with distinct metal influences, while also incorporating elements of punk, ska, and grunge to create an original high-energy sound.

Self-produced and fueled by the passion of four mates, Groove Vultures are setting stages ablaze across Melbourne, aiming to bring their dynamic music to the world. The band's debut EP is the perfect introduction to their promising future in the music industry.

“This EP marks the beginning of our journey into music,” says the band. “With a further two singles currently in recording, we are truly excited to explode onto the music scene! Strap into your seat because the Groove Vultures are just getting started!”


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