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Kids on Neptune Takes Listeners on a Journey with Debut Album "Homeland"

Kids on Neptune, the dynamic trio hailing from Forlì, Italy, is proud to announce the release of their debut album, "Homeland." Formed in 2014 when guitarist and singer Antonio Valentini and drummer Giovanni Chiodi crossed paths at a university party, the band's sound was later solidified with the addition of bass player Matilde Marchetti.

Drawing from diverse influences including grunge, punk, and stoner rock, Kids on Neptune has crafted a unique desert sound that is both rough and silky. Despite facing a lineup change in 2017 when Giovanni departed and was replaced by Alberto Carapia, the band remained steadfast in their pursuit of musical excellence.

Released in 2017, "Homeland" received praise from critics and marked the band's entry into the music industry. The album's tracks showcase Kids on Neptune's versatility and creativity, offering listeners a captivating journey through their sonic landscape.


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