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Italian band Egon release a ground breaking musical exploration new album "LASCIARSI CADERE"

Italian band Egon announces the release of his latest album, "LASCIARSI CADERE" , a groundbreaking musical exploration inspired by quantum physics and the mysteries of the cosmos. This album promises to challenge listeners' perceptions of reality and encourage them to embrace the unknown.

In a world where we often believe everything is governed by deterministic physical laws, Egon draws inspiration from Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which reveals the impossibility of knowing both the velocity and position of a particle simultaneously. This scientific concept underscores the album's theme: the more we understand one aspect of reality, the more uncertain another becomes. Our actions continually shape and alter our reality, leaving something perpetually unpredictable.

"LASCIARSI CADERE" consists of eleven diverse tracks that delve into the various facets and emotions of life. The album transitions from dark, noisy soundscapes to elements of blackgaze, post-punk, dark-folk, and doom, featuring atmospheres reminiscent of Chelsea Wolfe, and echoes of Swans and Interpol. There's even a hidden tribute to the legendary Franco Battiato.

The lyrics are deeply influenced by quantum physics and the enigmatic mechanics of the universe, drawing inspiration from Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles," as well as the poetry of Octavio Paz, Sara Teasdale, and Lord Byron.

Egon describes the album as an attempt to disrupt the laws of physics and transcend the gravitational forces that constrain our potential to live alternate lives. "Sometimes," he quotes Julio Cortázar, "life is there, within reach of the jump we don't take."


  1. Sorvolando la Groenlandia

  2. Luna nuova

  3. Incontrarsi

  4. Principio di indeterminazione

  5. And the Moon be still as bright

  6. Cerchi

  7. Raccontano

  8. Un giorno

  9. Del tutto identici ai tuoi

  10. M87

  11. Cadrà dolce la pioggia


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