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Indigo Daydream Releases New Single "What If It All Works Out?"

Alt-rock visionary Nick Cheshire, the creative force behind Indigo Daydream, announces the release of his latest single, "What If It All Works Out?". This highly anticipated track is the title song from his upcoming debut EP, set to release in October 2024.

About Indigo Daydream: Based on the scenic South West Coast of England, Indigo Daydream is the brainchild of independent musician Nick Cheshire. His sound, a captivating blend of 90's alt-rock, psych rock, and dreampop, draws inspiration from the iconic bands that have shaped his musical journey.

Musical Style and Influences: Indigo Daydream’s music is known for its atmospheric indie rock vibe, seamlessly fusing elements of 90's alt-rock with psych rock and dreampop. His unique sound has been compared to the ethereal and experimental qualities of bands like The Beatles and contemporary psych rock influences.

Recent Success and Media Attention: Indigo Daydream has garnered significant attention as an unsigned indie artist, with multiple features on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 4, and BBC Devon, as well as airplay on Exile FM and Amazing Radio. His music has also made its mark in the film industry, serving as the soundtrack for two acclaimed short films. "Slow Down" was shortlisted in the top 20 films at the 2022 NASA Cinespace Short Film Competition and was a semi-finalist at the Paris International Short Film Festival.

About "What If It All Works Out?": The single "What If It All Works Out?" sets the tone for the upcoming debut EP, showcasing Indigo Daydream's signature atmospheric sound and introspective lyrics. This release is a prelude to a series of singles set to be released throughout the summer of 2024, leading up to the EP’s launch in October. The EP release will also support the Green Music Program, reflecting Nick’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.


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