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Indigo Daydream release hopeful and anthemic new single "What If It All Works Out?"

Nick Cheshire, known by his stage name Indigo Daydream, is set to release his hopeful and anthemic new single, "What If It All Works Out?" on June 21. This track marks the first of five songs from his upcoming debut EP, slated for release in October, and serves as a poignant response to the overwhelming flood of negative news surrounding climate change, war, and politics.

"Writing this song seemed like an antidote to my anxiety," explains Cheshire. "It's easy to feel overwhelmed by bad news. What if it all works out? It's possible, right?"

Cheshire describes the songwriting process as a form of self-therapy. "The verses focus on what's going on inside my head most of the time—the worries and anxieties. But then I stop and ask myself, 'What if it all works out?' and that's the anthemic chorus."

The single's release is not just about music; it carries a message of hope and action. In support of the Green Music Program, Indigo Daydream's upcoming EP will be released alongside a global concert, where musicians from the program will perform live from around the world. This initiative emphasizes sustainability and environmental consciousness in music production.

The single, "What If It All Works Out?" will also be part of a limited edition vinyl EP, available in October. The EP will feature live performances from artists involved in the Green Music Program, showcasing their commitment to creating music that not only inspires but also promotes environmental stewardship.


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