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Five-piece indie/punk band Louis On Tour releases new single "Briefcase Madonna"

Prepare for an adrenaline rush as Phoenix-based indie/punk band Louis On Tour releases their latest single, "Briefcase Madonna". This hard-hitting, upbeat slammy jam captures the exhilarating sensations of sprinting like Usain Bolt and performing backflips into a pool, delivering a high-energy experience baked in the desert heat.

Formed in 2018, Louis On Tour began with the dynamic duo of guitarists Nick Kahlor and Jesse Martinez, following the breakup of their high school band. Through perseverance and a bit of luck, they found the talented Sam Green to join them on drums. Bassist Tyler "Stumpy" Beck soon followed, and after what felt like an eternity (or at least until the heat death of the universe), Shana Backman came on board as the lead vocalist and lyricist in November 2021.

The band's debut EP, It's Pronounced /Lou•ee/, introduced the world to their infectious energy, featuring dueling guitar solos, glorious vocal melodies, and groovy rhythms forged in the flames of funk. Now, with "Briefcase Madonna," Louis On Tour elevates their sound, delivering a track that promises to get listeners on their feet and moving.

Louis On Tour is currently in the throes of writing their first full-length album, Don't Hit Kids. Known for their genre-fluid approach, the band seamlessly blends elements of indie, punk, and funk, creating high-quality songs perfect for both moshing and emotional introspection.

"Briefcase Madonna" is more than just a song—it's an invitation to join the vibrant and eclectic world of Louis On Tour. Whether you're looking to mosh, cry, or simply enjoy some top-notch rock music, this band has something for everyone.


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