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FieldHockey Releases Explosive New Single "Ecdysis"

Chattanooga’s own post-hardcore heavy hitters, FieldHockey, are back with a vengeance, releasing their latest high-energy single, "Ecdysis." The track showcases their unique blend of alt-metal sensibility and raw pop-punk energy, promising an unforgettable listening experience.

About the Track: "Ecdysis" features an upbeat verse that sets a relentless pace, transitioning into an earworm-level hook for the chorus. The song’s soaring ethereal bridge provides a moment of introspective calm before diving into an earthmoving breakdown that will leave listeners in awe. This dynamic track encapsulates the band’s evolution, blending aggressive post-hardcore elements with melodic alt-metal influences.

FieldHockey’s Journey: Hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, FieldHockey was forged in the local punk scene, making a significant impact just three weeks after forming by recording an in-house EP and delivering ferocious live performances. However, the momentum was interrupted by the global pandemic in 2020, which brought live music to a standstill. Undeterred, the band adapted by performing livestreams in Nashville, Cleveland (TN), and Chattanooga, using the downtime to hone their craft and expand their sound.

FieldHockey has graced the leading stages of the Valley Vibes Music and Arts Festival on three separate occasions and played for displaced Bonnaroo festival-goers in 2021 when the event was canceled due to weather. Notably, comedian Ari Shaffir was in attendance during this impromptu performance.

A New Era: FieldHockey's current lineup, solidified after a series of changes, includes five members with diverse musical tastes and influences. The band's sound has been dynamically shaped under the guidance of Dalton Skinner, head of Anchor Sound Recording Studios (Fault Lines, Clockwise, Sevenstones). Skinner's expertise has driven FieldHockey towards an exciting new direction, marked by their latest single "Ecdysis."


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