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Fear The Lions Surge Straight Into Their Prime With Brand-New Single “Raised By Clowns”

Rest assured, whenever you see Fear The Lions release a brand-new single/video online, they have every intention of making some serious noise and disrupting the status quo with their signature brand of San  Diego Skate Punk music. With a gripping series of scorching hot new tracks set to arrive throughout the  course of 2024 as they make their way towards their upcoming EP, Fear The Lions is gearing up to make  this year the most consequential of their career to-date with an onslaught of fully bulletproof material.

Dropping their first dose of savage energy, powerfully potent hooks, and blazing melodies in time for the  summer, “Raised By Clowns” was released online at the end of June in advance of their new EP. Armed  with the thought-provoking & inspired lyricism that Fear The Lions has become known for, with the fiery  musicianship they’ve built their reputation on, “Raised By Clowns” is a larger-than-life experience that is   designed to have listeners testing out how loud their systems can go.

Through a gripping combination  of vividly memorable & outright addictive hooks, in addition to a degree of professionalism that sets the  band apart from the rest of what’s out there, “Raised By Clowns” is further proof that Fear The Lions are  unrivaled by anyone in the scene today. Recorded at the renowned Punk mecca of The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado, and guided by the truly legendary expertise of Jason Livermore & Andrew Berlin,  “Raised By Clowns” is audible confirmation that Fear The Lions has leveled up in every conceivable way. 

Their new single is where this next adventure starts, but it’s far from where it ends. “Raised By Clowns”  is the first cut released from their upcoming EP, but the many fans of Fear The Lions and new fans alike  can anticipate a full slate of riotous songs coming out like clockwork every six weeks throughout 2024.  Join Josh, Jimmy, Chris, and Jeremiah as they surge into the prime of their career with their latest tracks  and show the world that real Punk is more fired-up, thrilling, and dynamic than it has ever been – Fear  The Lions is destined to dominate the year with music that’s unlike any other, and 100% second to none. 


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