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Emerging from the wilds of West London, Niall The Urchin, Release New Single "New Builds"

Emerging from the wilds of West London, dynamic duo Niall The Urchin announces the release of their poignant new single, "New Builds." This track is the second offering from the pair, shedding light on the housing crisis in London with street-smart poetry and a minimalist post-punk sound infused with a dash of hip-hop.

About Niall The Urchin: Hailing from Hammersmith, Niall The Urchin consists of Niall and his bandmate MTB. The duo's journey began when Niall discovered a bass guitar in his local Cash Converters, sparking a creative partnership that blends spiky poetry with innovative loops. Their raw and minimalist sound is inspired by a diverse array of influences, including Joy Division, Suicide, Two Lone Swordsmen, The Streets, and the early hip-hop of Odd Future and The Wu-Tang Clan.

Musical Style and Influences: Niall The Urchin's music is characterized by its gritty, unpolished edge and insightful lyrics. Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Cooper Clarke and Half Man Half Biscuit’s Nigel Blackwell, Niall's poetry is also heavily influenced by the blunt humor and everyday realism of Charles Bukowski. “I like his humor and his blunt approach to the monotony of everyday life,” says Niall. “I think he takes situations like dead-end jobs and really draws out humor and also the sheer pointlessness of it.”

About "New Builds": "New Builds" tackles the pressing issue of London's housing crisis, critiquing the gentrification that often destroys communities in favor of overpriced flats. The track's beat-driven, minimal post-punk style is complemented by Niall's sharp, street-smart poetry, making a powerful statement on contemporary urban life.

Recent Success and Upcoming Plans: Niall The Urchin's debut single has already garnered significant attention, receiving airplay on Amazing Radio and Radio X in the UK. The duo has been added to the coveted "Cool List" on Amazing Radio, marking them as one to watch in the music scene. With plans to play live shows and release more singles in the coming months, Niall The Urchin is set to make a substantial impact.


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