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Chain Home Returns with Powerful New Single "Martyr"

After a five-year hiatus, Norwegian metal band Chain Home is back with a vengeance, releasing their hard-hitting and deeply emotive new single, "Martyr." This track marks a bold new chapter for the band, who combine elements of rock, prog, and thrash metal to deliver a unique and compelling sound.

"Martyr" is a melodic and melancholic metal anthem, inspired by the tragic death of Alexej Navalnyj. The song delves into the psyche of a leader willing to sacrifice everything for the betterment of his people. With a chorus that is both sorrowful and beautiful, and verses that exude melancholy and anger, "Martyr" captures the essence of struggle, resilience, and the fight against tyranny.

Chain Home, formed in 2015, quickly made a name for themselves in the Norwegian metal scene. By 2017, they had already performed at the prestigious Tons Of Rock festival, showcasing their intensity, technical prowess, and undeniable attitude. The following year saw the release of their debut album, "Instincts," produced by the renowned Kyrre Fritzner. The band's performance prowess earned them headlines at Månefestivalen, with rave reviews for their energy and skill, including one newspaper noting they played "Seek & Destroy" better than Metallica.

The band comprises founding members and cousins Amund Johansen (drums) and William Johansen (lead vocals/guitar), along with Morten "Edvik" Haugen (backing vocals/guitar) and Fredrik Olsson (backing vocals/bass). Known for their war-related and news-relevant themes, Chain Home's music addresses global issues such as greed, corruption, and conflict, with previous tracks like "FREE" and "BURN" reflecting the state of the world today.

Reuniting in 2023, Chain Home's new material brings a modern edge to their sound, drawing inspiration from contemporary metal giants like Mastodon, Gojira, and Lamb Of God. "Martyr" epitomizes this evolution, blending the band's trademark intensity with fresh, modern influences.

"Martyr" is more than just a song; it's a rallying cry for unity and defiance against oppression. Written from the perspective of a leader in the throes of battle, it speaks to the universal themes of courage, sacrifice, and collective strength. With its unapologetic and impactful delivery, "Martyr" is set to resonate deeply with fans old and new.


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