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Bulgarian artist Anna Dinkov unveils new single "Tic Tac Toe"

Bulgarian-born artist Anna Dinkov unveils her latest single, "Tic Tac Toe," a poignant commentary on the pervasive effects of social media. Known for her contributions to the metalcore/hardcore scene since 2009, Dinkov's journey has taken her from touring with Last Minute Loss in Bulgaria to making her mark in Boston with punk bands Former Life and Excommunicado.

"Tic Tac Toe" explores themes of social media addiction and the introverted experience in the digital age. "The song is about the internal conflict of spending too much time on social media and letting it take over your life, while somehow being okay with it," Dinkov explains.

Blending elements from East Coast and Eastern European melodic hardcore and punk scenes, the track showcases Dinkov's signature raw energy and lyrical depth. "Tic Tac Toe" is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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