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British alternative psychedelic rock project The Willful Deaf release new album "End of the Sun"

British musician Matthew John Watts, previously known to electronic music aficionados as dogmixer and debunkt, signals a significant departure from his electronic explorations to the rich. The Willful Deaf is a venture that marks a radical shift from his past electronic projects, venturing into the edgy terrains of alternative and psychedelic rock. The lyrics of 'End of the Sun' track that is part of the album 'End of the Sun' explore childhood memories of his late grandfather’s war stories, touching on themes of lost innocence and mental health.

This focus track sets the tone for the forth album, which emerged during a year-long sabbatical from his regular job, marking a creatively fertile period he spent on paternity leave. During this time, he composed songs on an acoustic guitar, primarily to entertain his baby daughter. These fun-filled sessions ignited Matthew’s creative process, and songs were later refined and recorded in his home studio.

Matthew also looks forward to live performances, where he aims to collaborate with other artists to bring his studio creations to life on stage. Both tracks on the single—'End of the Sun' and 'Beat the Bomb'—were recorded at Matt’s home studio in European cities including Sevilla and Antwerp, where he now resides. Both tracks on this release were mixed at Lucky7 Studios in Ossining, NY (except for the Jimmy Deer remix), and mastered at Waltz Mastering, NY.

The 'End of the Sun' his forth album is now available on all major digital platforms. Listen Here: $


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