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Australian Alternative Metal artist Slatz release new single "All We Are"

Australian Alternative Metal artist Slatz has just released his newest single "All We Are" featuring the legendary (Hed) P.E. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Slatz's career, showcasing his versatility and passion for pushing musical boundaries.

The genesis of "All We Are" stemmed from Slatz's admiration for (Hed) P.E., with the song originally conceived with their style in mind. After completing the track, Slatz reached out to Jahred Gomes, lead vocalist of (Hed) P.E., who was so impressed with the song that he proposed turning it into a (Hed) P.E. track. However, Slatz opted to keep it as his own, leading to a thrilling collaboration where Jahred contributed his unique vocals to the song.

One of the standout features of "All We Are" is its dynamic journey. Beginning with a mellow vibe, the song gradually builds momentum, transitioning into a powerful punk rock chorus and punctuated by metalcore riffs that energise the listener. During the mixing process, engineer Jono Peters from Blackvial made a creative decision to kickstart the song with the final riff, immediately captivating audiences with its intense energy.

Slatz's upbringing steeped in the sounds of (Hed) P.E. adds an extra layer of significance to this collaboration. Jahred's influence on Slatz's vocal style is palpable throughout "All We Are," making it a deeply personal and exciting project for both artists.

Speaking about the song, Slatz shared, " 'All We Are' embodies a sense of swag and groove, coupled with lyrics that encourage living life to the fullest in every moment. Collaborating with Jahred and (Hed) P.E. has been a dream come true, and I can't wait for fans to hear the track”

"All We Are" ft. (Hed) P.E. is now available on all major streaming platforms. Don't miss out on this electrifying fusion of Alternative Metal and Punk Rock, sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.


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