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Alex Sandra Releases New Pop-Punk Single "Mommy Issues"

Alex Sandra (Aleksandra Marshaniia), the dynamic pop-punk artist based in San Francisco, announces the release of her new single, "Mommy Issues." This bold breakup anthem delves into the complexities of a toxic situationship, blending raw emotion with high-energy pop-punk vibes.

About Alex Sandra: Originally from the country of Georgia, Alex Sandra has cultivated a unique sound that resonates with a diverse range of influences. From the intense emotion of Linkin Park to the theatrical flair of Lady Gaga, her music weaves together honest lyrics and compelling narratives. As a passionate advocate and survivor, Alex's songs often highlight social issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, inviting listeners to connect with her stories of identity, perseverance, and love.

About "Mommy Issues": "Mommy Issues" is Alex Sandra's latest single, a pop-punk breakup anthem that explores the emotional turmoil of toxic relationships. With its catchy hooks and candid lyrics, the song is set to become a favorite among fans who appreciate her unfiltered approach to songwriting. The track is a testament to Alex's ability to transform personal experiences into relatable and powerful music.


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