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Tinfoil drops new album “Better Off Alone”

A man is running, about to be slaughtered, and the music featured in the scene is

Tinfoil's Monroe Mayhem, which is included in the soundtrack of the indie horror flick, Obstacle Corpse. Tinfoil's second placement in film production, they were earlier featured in Certainty.

Tinfoil's new album, Better Off Alone, features that track, Tinfoil’s Monroe Madness.

The song was recorded after a holiday get together when one of Dave's uncles reminded him that he'd promised to do a guitar instrumental called Monroe, his

nickname since he moved to Ohio from Michigan in high school.

“I never dreamed it would be featured in a horror movie, though!” says Dave because he pictured it more as an instrumental guitar spotlight for Tinfoil’s live performances.

Tinfoil is a longtime area rock band that writes and records original music relentlessly. This is their 17 th album!. Originally from Tiffin, formed in the 90s,

members are now spread out over Toledo, Ypsilanti, Tiffin, and Bowling Green.

Tinfoil features Dave Harms on lead guitar and vocals, Cher Bibler on rhythm guitar

and vocals, Krystal Harms on bass and vocals, and Shaun Willis on drums. They've played everywhere there is to play in the midwest, and their music can be found on all streaming services or by visiting

Earlier this year, Dave, who teaches school by day at Penta, was awarded a Genocidal Education Award by the American Armenian Society, which sparked an interest in Armenian folk music. He acquired a Coral Sitar and, “I had been messing .with the Harmonic Minor scale used by Ritchie Blackmore and came up with the intro to Stone Cold Burn. I had originally intended to write about the Middle East, but the song got heavy and ended up being about dealing with a breakup.”

Listen here:


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