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Thrash metal band Golf Corpse's release debut self-titled EP

Prepare to tee off into a post-apocalyptic nightmare with Golf Corpse's debut self-titled EP, a relentless odyssey through zombie-infested fairways and scorched horizons. Set immediately after the apocalypse, this soulless journey thrusts listeners into a blasted land of the undead greens, where thrash metal reigns supreme.

From the blistering riffs of "Tee Time To Die," conjuring tales of certain doom, to the bellowing threats of "Southern Hills," Golf Corpse leaves no survivors in their wake. Punishing audiences with a hellish tour through infected fairways, this band of unalive golfers unleashes chaos upon those left alive to listen. In the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world, the only rule is to shred or be shredded.

Recorded in Hamilton, Ont. & Halifax, N.S., Golf Corpse's debut EP is a sonic assault on the senses, infusing darkened themes of golf and zombies into a hurricane of annihilation. With cover art by Gillian Cole and mastering by Will Putney, this release is poised to reach thrash lovers and golfers alike.

Born from the ashes of Hamilton, Ontario, Golf Corpse has spent the last two years honing their craft amidst the chaos of the apocalypse. Now, they're ready to unleash their fury upon the world.

Dropping on June 07, 2024, Golf Corpse's debut EP marks the beginning of a new era in thrash metal. With electrifying performances planned in the underground bunkers of the Canadian wasteland, the band is poised to melt stages, courses, and minds alike. Brace yourselves for the onslaught, as Golf Corpse heralds the apocalypse one riff after another.


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