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Swedish Progressive Metal Lunar Veil Releases Powerful New Single "Scorch"

Lunar Veil, the high-energy metal band from Uppsala, Sweden, is thrilled to announce the release of their electrifying new single, "Scorch." This track is the first chapter of their highly anticipated second album, "Dominic," set to drop on August 7th, 2024.

About the Track: "Scorch" exemplifies Lunar Veil's signature sound, characterized by atmospheric and melodic soundscapes layered over a raw, powerful backdrop. With its progressive structure and groove-laden odd time signatures, the track delivers a compelling blend of complexity and accessibility. "Scorch" is a testament to the band's ability to tackle universal themes with strong, resonant lyrics, driven by immense passion and energy.

Formed in Uppsala, Sweden, Lunar Veil has quickly made a name for themselves in the modern progressive music scene. Their unique sound combines intricate melodies with a raw intensity, creating an immersive listening experience that resonates with a wide audience. The band's commitment to addressing topics that affect everyone, paired with their powerful lyrical messages, sets them apart as a force to be reckoned with.

"Scorch" is the first glimpse into Lunar Veil's upcoming second album, "Dominic." Set for release on August 7th, 2024, "Dominic" promises to further explore the band's dynamic range and depth, delivering a collection of tracks that push the boundaries of progressive metal.


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