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Solo artist OMEARA release new LP “Lovely Creatures”

After honing her craft for over a decade, as well as a long musical hiatus, OMEARA is

finally back to make some noise with her first ever solo project. Strongly inspired by the dark/post punk music that informed her and infused with her experience in dance/electronic bands, OMEARA’s first LP “Lovely Creatures” (2024) examines the harrowing quest of navigating love in the 21st century. Enhanced by her distinctively powerful voice, these seven energetic Indie-Rock tracks are set to a richly layered and modern take on the music which shaped her life.

OMEARA will be showcasing her “Lovely Creatures” LP with a tour of Germany and the Netherlands in summer 2024. Several more tracks are also scheduled for release throughout 2024.

“Lovely Creatures”


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