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Post-hardcore band Half Inch Hero release self-titled album

Post-hardcore band Half Inch Hero has made a resounding entrance into the music scene with their debut album, "Half Inch Hero". Known for their distinctive blend of emo themes and scientific narratives, Half Inch Hero delivers an impactful collection that resonates with environmental consciousness and emotional depth.

Founded on a philosophy of "emo for the planet", Half Inch Hero's discography explores a range of themes from scientific and animal ethics to climate change, technology, outer space, and extinction. Songs like "Martyr", "Moonblood Dance", "My Digital Romance", "The Martian", and "Thylacine" exemplify their unique approach, presenting profound lyrical narratives wrapped in an emo package. The band also delves into more traditional emo themes with tracks like "She Knows I’m An Air Sign From the Way That I Am" and "Happachiro".

Lead by Tasman Rosenfeld, who serves as the primary songwriter and lead vocalist, Half Inch Hero comprises Alex Abbasi on drums (also known for his work with Bloodbather and The Requiem), Jackson McKenna on rhythm guitar, Christian Ballon on lead guitar, and Brennan Hegedus on bass. Tasman, currently pursuing graduate studies in evolutionary biology and science education at Harvard University, draws inspiration from his scientific endeavors to inform and shape the band's ideological direction.

The album "Half Inch Hero" follows the band's successful debut self-titled EP released on May 31, 2024. Recorded in 2023 with Lee Dyess and mixed/mastered by Kyle Black, the EP featured the lead single "Moonblood Dance", followed by "Martyr".

"We're thrilled to bring our debut album to our fans and new listeners alike," says Tasman Rosenfeld. "This album is a culmination of our passion for music and our commitment to raising awareness about pressing environmental and scientific issues through the power of emo music."


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