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Portuguese post-punk darkwave project, MARQUISE DE SAD, release new single "RENDEZ-VOUS NO EIXO NORTE-SUL"

MARQUISE DE SAD, the innovative Portuguese post-punk darkwave project, proudly announces the release of their latest single, "RENDEZ-VOUS NO EIXO NORTE-SUL". This evocative track, infused with the mechanical and distant sounds of post-punk, weaves a narrative that sings the unsung and forgotten suburbs of Lisbon, delivering a uniquely local flavor to the global doomer aesthetic.

"RENDEZ-VOUS NO EIXO NORTE-SUL" stands as a testament to MARQUISE DE SAD's commitment to blending traditional Portuguese melodies with contemporary post-punk structures. The song takes listeners on a journey through Lisbon’s infamous internal highway, the North-South Axis (Eixo Norte Sul), capturing the essence of Portuguese suburbia with a melodramatic sense of void and loss. It’s a haunting exploration of the mundane yet poignant nature of suburban life, characterized by a profound sense of place and nostalgia.

The accompanying music video is a dark yet playful visual treat. It portrays a protagonist who overreacts to the slight delay of a date beneath the Eixo Norte Sul. Despite his sadness, he dances, embodying the song’s doomer aesthetic with a touch of humor and humanity. This juxtaposition of melancholy and dance encapsulates the essence of MARQUISE DE SAD's artistic vision.


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