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Norwegian band Planet Mastergod release their highly anticipated fifth album "When Dark Is Deepest"

Planet Mastergod, a Norwegian band formed in 2005, is a force in the music scene, blending elements of metal, post-metal, and gothic influences into a sound uniquely their own. The band consists of Henning Skogh on guitar and keys, Lars Edvardsen

The band released their debut EP "Rebel If Pushed" in 2006 with a raw and powerful collection that would become their trademark. Over the years, they have released four full-length albums, each contributing to their growing reputation for their innovative expression.

Drawing inspiration from metal and post-metal pioneers like Isis, Cult Of Luna, Amenra, and Converge, Planet Mastergod delivers their music with a potent blend of heaviness, atmospheric textures, and intricate arrangements. Yet, their influences extend beyond the realms of metal, with a nod to gothic and darkwave sounds reminiscent of The Cure and Sisters Of Mercy.

The band's discography reflects their willingness to experiment with their musical boundaries. Albums such as «April Sweet Come In» (2008), «Delightful Contempt» (2012), «From Under Them Ashes» (2016), and «There Are Snakes In These Woods» (2020) have all contributed to shaping the band's identity and expanding their fanbase.

As of the latest update, Planet Mastergod is on the brink of releasing their highly anticipated fifth album, "When Dark Is Deepest". Fans can expect a continuation of the band's exploration on themes that delve into the profound and the mysterious.


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