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Metalcore band Varia release powerful new single “Moonlight”

Varia’s new single, “Moonlight”, premiered on May 31st, 2024. The song showcases high energy riffage and powerful drums to accompany the rich and emotional timbre of the vocalist. This song penetrates to the heart and soul reflecting the richness of emotions carried by the depth of the lyrics. This track is about vocalist Patrick Ryan's struggle with abuse as a kid. This song showcases huge melodic choruses along with heavy verses and a huge surprise at the end.

This lyric video was done by the vocalist Patrick Ryan. This video showcases the band’s logo with the lyrics directly below with a vibe shift at the surprise at the end of the song.

This is the third release of Varia’s upcoming EP that is still in development. But the energy and raw emotion from this song sets the perfect tone for what is to come in 2024. This song is available on all streaming platforms and the video is on YouTube for everyone to find.


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