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Louisiana heavy band Decoy release new EP "Re:Selection"

Louisiana's heavy music scene has just received a jolt of ferocity with the release of "Re:Selection" by Decoy. This new EP, launched under the Upstate Records label, promises to plunge listeners into a maelstrom of blistering vocals, aggressively dissonant guitars, and thunderous bass lines.

Formed in the cauldron of Baton Rouge in 2017, Decoy wasted no time in cementing their presence in the metal and hardcore landscape. Drawing from the rich tapestry of influences that define the Louisiana sound, Decoy's music is an unapologetic testament to the power and intensity that this genre embodies.

With "Re:Selection", Decoy has unleashed a sonic onslaught that pays homage to their roots while pushing the boundaries of controlled chaos. Fans can expect to be captivated by the relentless energy and raw emotion that permeate each track, as Decoy fearlessly confronts their demons and channels them into a crushing musical experience.

Led by vocalist Jonah Smith, accompanied by Lucien Champton on drums, Bobby Burnette and Matt Rumfellow on guitars, and Chris Rumfellow on bass, Decoy's lineup is a powerhouse of talent and passion. Together, they have crafted a collection of songs that are as visceral as they are unforgettable.

Already making waves beyond their home state, Decoy's reputation for high-energy performances and unbridled intensity is spreading like wildfire. With influences ranging from Hatebreed to Converge, Vein to All Shall Perish, Decoy is poised for a meteoric rise in the national touring circuit.

"Re:Selection" is available now on all streaming platforms, offering listeners a glimpse into the raw power and uncompromising vision that defines Decoy. As the band gears up for new music and tours in the near future, fans can rest assured that the best is yet to come.


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