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Instrumental metal band Nok Novum release new single “Dad Problems”

Since 2016, the instrumental metal band Nok Novum has taken a step back to focus on their individual careers, raise families, as well as taking time to patiently record their highly anticipated sophomore release, Nok Novum II. This new album has recently been completed and is set to be released within 2024.

Their first single “Dad Problems” was conceived as improvisational riffs back in guitarist Grant Cooper’s dad’s basement when he was 25 years old, and born 12 years later into a completed song, now that half the band have become fathers. It’s incredible how songs transform over time and get to the finish line with a new perspective.

About the band:

Formed in early 2008, Nok Novum is an instrumental band from Canada. The band was originally conceived as a two-piece, with guitarist Grant Cooper and drummer Brady Mason. With the addition of Scott Giffin on guitar and Cam Dougall on bass in late 2013, Nok Novum proved themselves to be one of the top live acts in the Calgary metal scene. Seamlessly combining mesmerizing video with music, Nok Novum’s goal is to create a stimulating auditory and visual experience for the audience.


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