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Indie/Rock band based in Brooklyn Vagaries release new single "Open Waves"

"Open Waves" was written, directed and produced by vagaries. Music written by vagaries. Gary Tedder on guitar and vocals, Teresa Tedder on keys and accordion, Danny Boivin on drums, Jeff Knutsen on bass guitar, Isaiah Gulino second guitar. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sonic Six Studios. Color grading, picture finishing, audio mastering for video by Frank Ditto.

Vagaries is an Indie/Rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. Formed in early 2022, Vagaries comprises Gary Tedder on guitar and vocals, Teresa Tedder on keys, and Danny Boivin on drums. Open Waves is Vagaries’ newest single and debut video, following last year’s self-released 7-inch.

Open waves was written before the band’s formation and has evolved from a simple 3-minute composition with guitar and vocals into a 6-minute lo-fi psychedelic indie rock exploration. It incorporates various instruments like piano, synthesizers, drums, bass, accordion, additional guitars, and pre-recorded 4-track cassette elements.

The narrative of this song at its core is about the fleeting moments of joy one finds when we let go of our immediate restraints, worries and fears and allow ourselves to be free and grasp at the unknown with childlike fervor seeking a better state of being if only in our heads or moments in time.

The accompanying stop-motion video, crafted over a year, visually extends this narrative. The band sketched scenes and characters, some made from clay and found objects in their home in Brooklyn . The video mirrors the song’s journey as the protagonist seeks a better state of being through imaginative landscapes before returning to reality.


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