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Illbe releases "It's Time", a indie track with goth undertones

Illbe first appeared in the alternative scene around Liège and Brussels. It is the alias of Gauthier Gilissen. As a curious nerd who studied musicology, Gauthier is thrilled by the most wildly strange soundtracks and translates them into his own musical language. Guitars aside, his inspiration now also co- mes from cinema, to which he borrows references and lore.

Thanks to his production craft and to a certain taste for at- mospheres, Gauthier channels his inner detective and dives deep into the fog : he declares his love for mystery through

music. The result is a tense blend of Alternative Rock, Ambient and Doom Jazz. Whether sung in an alt-pop way or fully instrumental, these tracks feed as much on the rage of King

Krule than on the work of multi-instrumentalists like Angelo Badalamenti or Forever Pavot. Immersive waves, cavernous basses, guitars and deep toms are used to recreate the ghosts that haunt us. It’s all exposed through EPs, concept visuals and a live show played in duo with another nerdy musician. Nourished by these obsessions, Illbe finds its path through modern melancholy.


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