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Finnish Melodic Death Metal Project Magnadur Release New Single "Dog of Baskerville"

Finnish melodic death metal project Magnadur is excited to announce the release of their latest single, "Dog of Baskerville." This electrifying track sets the stage for their upcoming third album, Unholy Punisher, slated for release on September 6th.

"Dog of Baskerville" delves into the mystical and legendary tale of the Baskerville dog, a famous mystery from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. The intriguing narrative, combined with Magnadur's signature brutal vocals, hard-hitting drums, and heavy guitar riffs, makes this one of the standout tracks on the forthcoming album.

Fronted by Tomi Perrakoski, renowned for his Metal Madness Weekly podcast, Magnadur continues to push the boundaries of death and dark melodic metal. Perrakoski's passion for the genre is evident in the depth and intensity of their music. He channels his energy into creating compositions that are both heavier and more brutal, while maintaining a melodic core that resonates with fans.

Perrakoski's inspiration for "Dog of Baskerville" and the entire Unholy Punisher album is deeply rooted in the movie world and personal history. Drawing from the rich legacy of his grandfather's brother, Harry Bergström, one of the first and most influential composers in Finnish movie history, Perrakoski infuses his music with cinematic storytelling and heavy, unseen melodies. The lyrics of many songs on the album are inspired by movie narratives and real-life events, offering a unique and immersive listening experience.

"Unholy Punisher" promises to be Magnadur's best album to date, featuring a collection of tracks that showcase the band's evolution and artistic growth. Fans can expect a blend of intense melodic death metal with compelling stories that draw from classic tales and modern influences.


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