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Exotic Fruitica shares Debut Single, “Dirtiest Scum,” feat. Paul Leary

On June 15th, Exotic Fruitica releases their debut single, the aggressive and hard hitting “Dirtiest Scum” which features Paul Leary on lead guitar. “This song originated in a previous iteration of the band, Exotic Fruits, and when we decided to release it under our new namesake I reached out to Paul to see if he would lay down some guitar leads. What he did to the song was super sonic. He really brought his iconic tone and angular guitar style to it, reminding me of the first time I heard ‘Who Was In My Room Last Night.’ When I asked Paul about what it was like working on the song he said ‘it’s a little bit humbling to be asked to contribute to something that already oozes with powerful guitars. ‘Dirtiest Scum’ is mean and aggressive, just my kind of song.’ As a punk band from Austin, Tx having a prolific noise rocker collaborate on our first single is everything. Such an honor.”

“Dirtiest Scum” pushes against the idea of conformity. It thumps to a power walking rhythm while lead singer Jon French snarls and yells with an unhinged vocal style reminiscent of early 90s hardcore and modern day post-punk bands like Viagra Boys. His lyrics about doing drugs with a vicious death cult and losing his cool have the entire song dripping in sarcasm and nihilism. It’s a double shot of new Texas punk.


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