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Exiled Russian band Apache Rose starts recording second album, releases new track "CabinFever"

Apache Rose, a band initially from Russia, announced that they have entered the studio to record the follow-up to their debut album "Attention!". With the announcement they also released "Cabin Fever", a track that could possibly be featured on the album.

Apache Rose announced via their social media that they have started recording their second album in Sano Studio, Tbilisi, Georgia. "It's happening! We've started recording our second album", posted Ilya Novokhatskiy, band leader.

The band will record 6 full tracks and finish several songs that were recorded in Moscow in 2022 before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. After the start of the war band leader, vocalist and songwriter Ilya Novokhatskiy decided to leave Russia for Georgia, a small country south of Russia where lots of Russians relocated due to the war.

In the Facebook post Novokhatskiy added that he will be tracking all the instruments expect drums himself citing "current circumstances" as the reason. "Apache Rose has always been more of a solo project with a cast of musicians helping me record. But over time I have become more confident in handling the recording instrument- and production-wise. In fact 4 out of 10 songs on the debut album "Attention!" were all recorded and co-produced by myself on all instruments except drums. And it's hard to bring everyone into another country. I've brought in Anton Boyko, the producer of first album, and he's magic. So I'll manage" - elaborated Novokhatskiy.

Co-producing the new album will be Anton Boyko, responsible for the first Apache Rose album. Ilya Lukashev, a prominent Russian mixing and recording engineer responsible for the sound of notable Russian bands and performers, will also take part in the recording.

"The sound of the new record will be different from the first one. It will be somewhat heavier with more attention to sound textures. Anton Boyko is our Bob Rock so I'm really confident about the result ", - says Novokhatskiy.

With no fixed release date for the new album and no album name chosen yet, Novokhatskiy

tentatively gave late 2023 as possible release date. Alongside the announcement Apache Rose released a track that was recorded in 2022 while they were back in Moscow. The track is called "Cabin Fever" and if it's an indication of what the new album might sound like the track is indeed heavier with more aggressive drumming propelling the "quiet/loud" dynamics made classic by the Pixies and, of course, Nirvana.


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