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Dutch Symphonic Metal Band Maanvlinder Releases Second Single: "Je Eigen Koers"

 Maanvlinder, the innovative Dutch symphonic metal project, invites listeners to embark on an enchanting musical journey with their second single, "Je Eigen Koers". This release marks a significant step in defining the band's unique sound and artistic vision.

About "Je Eigen Koers": "Je Eigen Koers" delves deeper into Maanvlinder's musical identity compared to their debut single, blending modern metal with symphonic elements. The track is enriched with surprising influences from doom metal, metalcore, and even 90s/2000s rock, offering a fresh and unexpected twist to the symphonic metal genre.

Band Vision and Philosophy: "We want to breathe new life into symphonic metal and give it our own twist," says Raymond Luijbregts, Maanvlinder's founder. "Not only by singing in Dutch, but also with musical influences that are quite unusual for this style. This song embodies that musical philosophy even more than our debut single."

Maanvlinder aims to stand out in the symphonic metal scene by incorporating a variety of influences and maintaining Dutch lyrics, creating a distinctive and engaging sound that sets them apart from their peers.

Availability: "Je Eigen Koers" is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. The track invites both new listeners and long-time fans of symphonic metal to experience Maanvlinder's innovative approach to the genre.

About Maanvlinder: Maanvlinder is a new Dutch symphonic metal band that combines modern metal with a rich tapestry of symphonic, doom, and metalcore elements, all while singing in Dutch. Founded by Raymond Luijbregts, the band seeks to carve its own path in the metal world by infusing their music with a diverse range of influences and a unique lyrical perspective.


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