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Danish electronicore/dance metal band Pink Plague release debut single "Party in My Head"

Pink Plague is a new, Danish electronicore/dance metal band striving to challenge the common conception of metal music. Their very first single, Party in My Head, was released March 1st and followed by their 2nd single Fart Smella and most recently the 3rd single Mosh Pit Operators, which came out May 8th. Their debut-EP is coming out this fall.

The band is focusing on a unique sound consisting of a high-energy rollercoaster ride between electronic metalcore, dance music, catchy melodies, chugs, heavy breakdowns and a broad variety in vocal style. Mix it all together, shake, throw it back like shots and your excuse to party is hereby delivered! The goal is to remind the listener of the feeling of pure joy that fills your body when you decide to seize the moment, party all night and completely forget about having to go to work tomorrow at 8 am.

Pink Plague’s musical style is reflected in everything they do. The colour pink is consistent, but not limited to, the band’s visuals to support the playful character of the music. As for live- concerts, the band aims to deliver a high energy and colourful performance full of surprising gadgets, outfits and engaging with the audience to create one big metal-party on and off-stage.

Members of Pink Plague:

Pink Plague was born in one of the roaring beer streams that flows through the Copenhagen metal underground. This is where founding members Jannie Ravn Madsen aka. Jane Insane (vocals) and Lars Lerager aka. Lars Harsh (vocals and bass) met and bonded over 1000 beers and a shared love for high energy electronicore, trashy techno and annoying but catchy melodies. An unlikely union that would later become the pink sheep among the black - now accompanied by 2 new live-members of the party patrol. Swedish drummer Robin Nilzon and Danish guitarist Christian “Haystack” Rasmussen.


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