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Chryst Moon Releases Empowering New Single "Broken Hearts Club"

Chryst Moon, the visionary rock band with deep Native Hawaiian roots, proudly announces the release of their latest single, "Broken Hearts Club." This new track is an electrifying anthem that transforms heartache into celebration, offering a powerful message of resilience and unity through its upbeat tempo and heartfelt lyrics.

"Broken Hearts Club" is a dynamic pop-rock song that turns the pain of heartache into a joyous celebration, both in live performances and through speakers. The track captures the essence of catharsis, inviting listeners to join in moshpits of emotional release. With an upbeat tempo and chords that express vulnerability, the song targets audiences experiencing pain, providing a sense of solidarity and understanding. It conveys the message that no heartbreak is the end, but rather a new beginning, inviting listeners to celebrate their resilience.

About Chryst Moon: Chryst Moon is the brainchild of Riki Shae, a visionary artist born out of the vibrant cultural tapestry of Honolulu. The band, comprising three Native Hawaiian members, is rooted in the indigenous experience and fearlessly delves into societal norms, offering raw and unfiltered glimpses into lives that defy expectations. Their music blends diverse genres to address universal themes of love, pain, and passion.

Riki Shae's artistic journey is deeply connected to their ancestral roots and a relentless pursuit of self-expression. Through Chryst Moon, Shae channels this connection into haunting and mesmerizing sonic landscapes, inviting listeners on journeys of introspection and empowerment.


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