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CAPPAERT release “Cross The Earth”, new single from the upcoming album "Wild Bouquet"

“Cross The Earth”, the new single from the upcoming album "Wild Bouquet",… is a pure anthem… that resembles a journey through hundreds of landscapes and emotions.

Steve Gadd's drums (CAPPAERT went to Phoenix, Arizona, together with co-producer Steve Willaert) seem like hundreds of “horse-running legs” that echo through The Grand Canyon. A graceful long curtain of emotions vibrates in powerful orchestral cadence, under a glowing evening sun. The parlando is somewhat like the Colorado River: cuttingly honest, determined, deep. The children at the end of the song are their own children, whose voices they recorded at the ICP studios in Brussels. Another notable contribution to this project is the Strings FAMES project from Skopje, Macedonia. The beautiful string arrangements add an epic element to the song, making it a compelling emotional journey.

As you would expect from the CAPPAERT sisters, in addition to the wonderful blending voices, there is a double meaning in the song. Or rather: a triple. After all, you can always look for at least 1 ultimate forbidden room in the songs that Annelies Cappaert writes. Her own private air raid shelter, so to speak. A place where she curls up, smug and self-protective, where she takes a warm bath under soft candlelight to protect her own soul from a cold outside world. She couldn't live without those 'private rooms'. She calls it 'a bathhouse for her soul'.

At first glance it seems like a simple song theme. In the annals of popular songs, many love songs are dedicated to that journey in search of a great love.

But “Cross The Earth” goes further than yearning for love across borders. The harsh outdoor conditions she faces include near-death experiences that pushed her to the limits both physically and mentally. The “great” love does not only stand for 'someone', a person. It also represents 'life' itself, the preciousness of which she experienced very directly.

CAPPAERT paints images. They drill holes in the skin of the emotional surface and sing about universal thoughts with feminine guts and courage. It's all about the shadows, the female scream to express hidden emotions. They counter rawness with fragility, and being sisters, they float effortlessly on their genetic blend. They let the audience fly over mountain landscapes and enchant with their symphonic arrangements and their ethereal voices. It’s about the bliss of coming home to your own soul.


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