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Beyond Sorrow's Single 'Torment': A New Anthem for Metalcore Fans

Beyond Sorrow, the relentless 5-piece Metalcore band hailing from the heart of the Rhondda Valleys, proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated new single, "Torment." Formed in 2011, the band has established a formidable presence in the Metalcore scene, captivating audiences with their powerful performances and emotionally charged music.

Since their inception, Beyond Sorrow has played numerous gigs, showcasing their talent and energy. They have had the honor of supporting Hollywood's renowned act "The Maenson" and have consistently impressed at the South Wales Metal2TheMasses, driving to the semi-finals in 2017, 2019, and most recently, 2024. Their journey is a testament to their dedication and passion for Metalcore, delivering brutal breakdowns and heart-catching choruses that resonate with fans across the UK.

"Torment" is a testament to Beyond Sorrow's growth and evolution as a band. The single features the band's signature blend of intense riffs, dynamic drumming, and raw, emotive vocals. It promises to be an anthem for Metalcore enthusiasts, showcasing their technical prowess and ability to evoke deep emotions through their music.


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