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Berlin Indietronic rock duo Bromsen announces new single on March 10th

Berlin Indietronic duo Bromsen celebrate their deep friendship & brotherhood with their 3rd single “WE!”. The track will be Release on 10th of March 2023. You can pre save now:


In the mid-2000s, Karlo and Richard performed together with their dear fellows from the pampelmuse in almost every indie rock club in Berlin. The band finally broke up in 2006 shortly before their supposed breakthrough and many years passed before Richard and Karlo met again and Bromsen was formed in 2021.

Bromsens first 2 singles “Merryman” and “The Photograph” have been well received from the independent press and many independent radio stations all over the world (e.g. North America, UK, France, Brazil).

Richard and Karlo know each other for 20 years now and are convinced that their deep friendship has helped them through many low blows in life. Karlo “Such a deep and long-standing friendship can carry you through a period of weakness and often you emerge even stronger afterwards feeling free like a bird again who wants to fly higher and

higher as described in the song...”


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