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Bassist Shane Lentz release his third album “The Hollowing Abyss”

Bassist Shane Lentz will release his third album, “The Hollowing Abyss,” on June 28, on all platforms. This five-track EP features all-original music, with Lentz handling every instrument and all mixing and mastering. Leading up to the release, Lentz treated fans to playthrough videos for “Unverdant,” “Aeonian,” and “Tenebrous” along with a lyric video for ';Aeonian' on his YouTube channel.

“For my third album, I decided to embrace chaos,” Lentz said. “I played every instrument, explored the depths of extreme vocals, and aimed for brutal perfection.”

Known for his technical prowess, Lentz spotlights the bass while still highlighting other instruments. His discography includes the solo albums “Reverse Horizons” (2014) and “The Solitude of Discovery” (2021). Lentz has played with bands like Kamikabe, Ys, and Cabaret Runaway. He also made a notable appearance on Jeff Loomis’ 2012 album “Plains of Oblivion,” which reached the top 200 on five U.S. Billboard charts.


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