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4-piece band based in Ireland The Guilteens release new single "The Boat"

Hailing from Cork in Ireland, The Guilteens are a newly formed four-piece band that are quickly emerging as ones to watch. Led by the crunchy guitar chords and punchy piano of Finn Sedas Nunes, the music shows a knack for sparse yet powerful arrangements, which are elevated by a delicate rhythm section that combines the talents of Tomás O’Brien (bass) and Shane Murphy (drums). The group is completed by Cathal Nally, who trades his trumpet for guitar from song to song, pulling the band's sound from bluesy/rock territories into jazzy/psychedelic realms.

Arguably however, the real secret weapon in this band is the voice and imagination of its front man, who delivers original songs in a unique tone, topping off what is sure to become a widely recognisable sound. A handful of electric live appearances in 2023 has earmarked The Guilteens as an exciting band to follow in 2024 and beyond.


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