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Tidal Water Celebrates the Release of Debut Single "Corrupted"

Tidal Water, the brainchild of passionate vocalist, songwriter, and producer Martin Hovden, is thrilled to announce the release of their debut single, "Corrupted." The single, which made its debut on May 9, 2024, has already begun making waves in the music industry and is now available on all major streaming platforms.

"Corrupted" is a testament to Martin Hovden's deep societal concerns and personal experiences, infused into Tidal Water's captivating music. With a background in project management and event production, Martin brings a unique blend of playful rock music to life, enriched by the collaborative efforts of talented friends from his musical journey.

At the heart of Tidal Water's dynamic sound is a skilled team of collaborators who bring Martin's vision to fruition. Txai Fernando adds diverse cultural influences on keys and percussion, while Johannes Radøy (Papa J) and Leif Johansen focus on mixing and synchronization, refining the livelier tracks. Together with Martin, their combined expertise ensures that Tidal Water's music not only captures his vision but also resonates widely with audiences.

The forthcoming album, "Polarity," is set to showcase the melodic backbone of Tidal Water's sound, thanks to the contributions of Renato Anesi, Jims Lehner, and Markus Matland. Renato's expertise in Brazilian instrumental styles, Jims' sophisticated drumming, and Markus' keyboard artistry add depth and complexity to the album, essential elements that define its distinctive character and emotional impact.

About Tidal Water:

Tidal Water is the brainchild of vocalist, songwriter, and producer Martin Hovden, based in Oslo, Norway. With a passion for creating music that combines playful rock elements with deeper societal themes, Martin collaborates with a skilled team of musicians to bring Tidal Water's sound to life. Their debut single, "Corrupted," marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Tidal Water, with an album, "Polarity," set to follow.


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