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Thomas Deed releases new single "New Star Rising"

"New Star Rising" - the first single - insight into the story of Thomas Deed with a self-ironic wink at the many self-loving stars and starlets in the firmament or as they would like to be. With a good dose of humor, the blues rock song invites you to take a seat in the Mustang and spend the day on the road. With the window open, the smell of the landscape mixes with aftershave and some petrol - of course, the whiskey in the evening should not be missing.


"Happiness, Joy of Life and Adventure" With Thomas Deed (Rosenheim, Bavaria) you will experience freedom, fun and a bit of melancholy. When you get into the V8 Mustang, turn up the radio, catchy blues rock sounds from the speakers and you put it in first gear, you know what it's all about: Stylish cars, handcrafted music, a charismatic voice, unique guitar solos along with authentic drums and bass convey a sense of passion and independence.

Thomas Deed discovered his enthusiasm for music and his singing talent as a child. Many years of experience in various music projects and classical vocal training create a solid basis for the lead singer. Together with the producers Reinhard von Wegen (Hicktown Records) and Mick B. Hardt (Micart), as well as many other talented musicians, the first song ideas were created, which were worked out over a period of about a year and continuously perfected.


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