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The swedish symphonists Ledmotiv debuts in the unique genre ’Orchestral Metal’

The band will unleash their debut album ’An Astronaut’s Diary’ in a genre they coin themselves, namely ’orchestral metal’.

The songs aren’t only unique in their genre, but also in the creational process, where the old school meets the new. The recording of heavy rock instruments is layered with an immense web of digital orchestral instruments. Since 2018 Viktor Hakan has been working with finalizing Ledmotiv’s first album.

“I wanted to do what Metallica did with the S&M orchestra, but all the way from the start. Today, only well-renowned high budget bands play with orchestras. We are brave enough to change that.”

Viktor also claims Ledmotiv does something bands such as Metallica won’t do, which is focusing on the symphonic. ”The songs are written for an orchestra, and in my opinion, that makes all the difference. Musically, we can do a lot of crazy things that aren’t possible for a 4 piece metal band, even if they orchestrate their songs”.

The debut album is a concept album. In An Astronaut’s Diary we follow a Nasa mission to Mars gone wrong, and how this lonely astronaut copes with isolation without hope. The album is a concept album, but can be interpreted as a bombastic musical.

27th of August is the day Ledmotiv’s awaited debut album is planned for release – the same day founder Viktor Hakan turns 30 years old. Following the album release Ledmotiv is looking forward to play live with a large set of symphonic musicians.


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