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The NEW Bardots releases new single "Corporation Businessman"

The NEW Bardots are a fresh ensemble but their fervent brand of rock’n’roll is proving that they are a band to be taken seriously. Its members carved out the NYC music scene as their stomping ground many years ago and have come back together to write new music. Corporation Businessman is their latest single and it takes aim at the ‘suit and tie’ types and their greedy, corrupt ways. The track has been released on Bongo Boy Records.

Employing a tight blues groove, the song is dominated by feisty guitar lines that pan around the stereo field, and a wry, condemnatory vocal delivery. “You give your soul to the dollar / He’s your friend / Your politician will take what you pay” growls singer, Wayne Olivieri. He also calls out company wage gaps. The message is clear in this one; the rich get richer, and the rest get thinner.

The rest of the band brings some real firepower to the mix. There are two separate solos sandwiched between the verses – lead guitar first, then harmonica. Tight, backing harmonies are employed in the refrain and give the section a real boost and help bring home the song’s retro vibe.

Corporation Businessman is classic blues rock. It’s simple, straight up the middle, but uncompromising and the lyric certainly takes no prisoners. The NEW Bardots quip that they have stepped in to save rock’n’roll from extinction, and this track stands as proof that they are certainly doing an excellent job so far.


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