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Shoegaze/Psych Rock Project Screaming Bones release music video for "Song for my Inner Demons" and "All Beauty Is Pain"

German Shoegaze/Psychedelic Rock Act Screaming Bones Release 3 Full Length Albums and 2 new music videos. The albums have been developed throughout the year of 2023and have now been released on all the major streaming services as well as Screaming Bones’ Bandcamp site: https://screamingbones.


Screaming Bones’ music exists to take your head onto a sonic journey into the unknown. The sound is unique and sometimes clashes with your worn-out and beloved listening patterns. But as you take your time and follow the sounds, these gems of wonderful music will unfold in your ears and in your mind, revealing their timeless beauty.



‚All Beauty Is Pain‘, taken from the album ‚Screaming Bones‘. This track rests on oscillating soundscape and is filled by a fat double-bass. The lead guitar sound is supported by a more subtle guitar in the background, which gives the song a very ethereal sound.

"After I recorded that track I was watching the images that came up on the inside of my closed eyes when listening to the music on headphones. I started to collect footage online and compiled it underneath an image of myself (the hardest part was to hold still for the duration of the song). ‚All Beauty Is Pain‘ was done during a period of instability and a phase of deep depression I had to go through in the last years. I managed to survive and put my inside into music and images. I am everything you see in that video. I am beauty, I am pain, I am despair, I am fear, I am rage, I am life, I am death, I am celebration, I am grief, I am water, I am fire, I am the Earth, the sun, the cosmos…..I am hope." - says Screaming Bones.



" This is a video to all parents. See how much damage you do in a child when you mistreat it? ‚Song for my inner demons‘ from the album ‚Tales From The Outer Rings‘ is a very personal piece of art. Thanks to Midjourney and Runwayml I can create pictures for the shit that is going on inside me. Thankfully in life I have found a way to cope with my past. I put it into music and images and then put it out into the world, hoping that I can help others. Despite all the shit that happened to me in my childhood, I have found a way to see humour, laugh where nobody else does (surely not me back in those days). It’s like the Joker said: I always thought my life was a tragedy. I was wrong, it’s a fucking comedy :)"


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