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Richard Savoie Releases New Anthem "Dehors" After Four-Year Hiatus

Celebrated veteran of the Quebec music scene, Richard Savoie, is back with a bang, releasing his electrifying new single "Dehors." This release marks his triumphant return to the music world, four years after his acclaimed solo project M. Decibel.

"Dehors" is a high-octane rock anthem that perfectly encapsulates the exuberance of summer's arrival in the northern hemisphere. The track is a collaborative powerhouse, featuring Benoit Bolduc's dynamic guitar riffs and Rémy Boivin's driving drum beats, creating an exhilarating backdrop for Savoie's compelling vocals. The song’s fast-paced, "pedal-to-the-metal" energy promises to get listeners’ adrenaline pumping.

The lyrics, masterfully crafted by Michel Boucher, renowned for his work with Notre-Dame, not only celebrate the joys of summer but also draw poignant parallels to the post-Covid era. This added layer of meaning resonates deeply, reflecting the collective sigh of relief and the renewed sense of freedom experienced worldwide as restrictions lift and normalcy returns.

"Dehors" is the first of five tracks that the Quebec power trio plans to release throughout 2024. With this song, Savoie and his bandmates deliver a catchy rocker reminiscent of classic road trip anthems. Fans can look forward to more captivating music as the year progresses, with each track promising to capture the essence of Savoie’s robust musical style and the trio’s infectious energy.

Richard Savoie’s return with "Dehors" not only showcases his continued relevance and evolution as an artist but also his ability to capture the zeitgeist through music. This track is set to become a staple for rock enthusiasts and a must-have on summer playlists.


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