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Portland based rock band Floodfall announces the release of 2ND album "Unbroken"

This new album defied global barriers and distance, proving creative expression knows

no boundaries

“Unbroken” is a reflection on life's experiences and its songs are often personal commentaries on life and the band's interactions with the world.

Floodfall recorded their first album entirely at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.

That experience began a very strong collaboration with Jakob Herrmann, the studio's

owner. For the second album, Jakob has joined forces with the band, not just as an

engineer and producer, but also as a songwriter.

Travel restrictions and scheduling complicated the second album, so the drums and main guitars were recorded at The Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR, with Jakob producing remotely from Sweden. Lead vocals were later recorded at Top Floor and then David recorded the remaining tracks in Portland.

The second album has been very much a remote collaboration and adapted along the way to all the complications and limitations the band experienced during that period.

About Floodfall

Floodfall formed in Bozeman, Montana at a time when both David Hearst and Jake

Schreuder were4/ working late nights at the Faultline North venue. They soon joined

forces with Hunter Hessian on drums, establishing the lineup that recorded the first

Floodfall album in 2018.

Life, logistics, and proximity eventually left David in Portland, Oregon as the only remaining member of the band, which opened the door for Zane Hearst to join on drums. The pair recorded Floodfall’s second album, "Unbroken”.

Floodfall draws on a varied combination of musical styles but infuses a strong focus on

vocal harmony and song structure borrowed from many decades of rock variants.


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