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Nick Nook, returns with the new single "Bring Out The Sunshine"

One of Nashville’s most prominent rising musical artists, Nick Nook, returns for yet another single that will induce goosebumps. The talented artist presents his newest record, “Bring Out The Sunshine.” The single, mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys), delivers an upbeat indie rock production and lyricism that will resonate with listeners. The emotion-drenched vocal adorns the euphoric instrumental that shines and sparkles at every turn through its energizing guitar, drums, and atmosphere. Through an ear-catching guitar and a nostalgic rock composition, the single delivers a refreshing take on indie rock. ”Bring Out The Sunshine” will capture anyone from the first verse and leave people wanting more when the last note is played.

Nick Nook’s message-heavy and positive lyricism will take listeners on a sonic journey that will have people appreciating life a little bit more. This is precisely the kind of record that proves there is no doubt he is an artist to keep an eye on as his releases carry lyrical weight and uniqueness. If you are looking for a song that takes you back to the 70s and yet provides that modern indie punch, look no further. “Bring Out The Sunshine” is the second single to be released from Nick Noon's forthcoming EP 'A Jejune Affair' and is available now.

About Nick Noon

Nick Noon brings an indescribable refreshing timeless aura to the music community. The Nashville, Tennessee-based artist is a rising multi-genre artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. The talented jack-of-all-trades is poised to make waves in the scene with his emotion-evoking sound and relatable style. Inspired by his life experiences, the artist strives to push the envelope with his sound to make a dynamic style that encapsulates his love for various genres.

Nick Noon is no stranger to music, as he has written hundreds of songs. Reputable publication The Static Dive stated that Noon has “A brilliant lyrical style similar to the great workingman poets like Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan.” Undoubtedly, Nick seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism and music with listeners worldwide and help them feel something. Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, Noon radiates raw emotion through ear-gracing instrumentation that paints a blank canvas. He will have listeners engulfed in the musical world he creates with his realness and versatility. Nick Noon is an artist to watch as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.


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